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How to Create Glamour Model Photography
On this website, you will find various types of model photography including, portrait, fashion, lingerie, glamour and creative photography.  This tutorial will help you learn to take glamour model photography yourself. It is written for the absolute beginner, in simple to read, non-technical language.


There is a lot more to taking a great photo of a sexy glamour model than just buying a camera. In fact, probably the least important factor is the camera. Here are the steps you need to consider:

  • Plan the shot
  • Arrange the lighting
  • Pay attention to the background
  • Relax your model
  • Watch out for details
  • Pose your model
  • Frame the model
  • Focus on the eyes
  • Minimize the blur
  • Acquire some basic digital processing techniques
  • Review and improve


Plan the shot: How do you want your glamour model to look? Romantic? Sexy? Wild and hot? Try to imagine the photo in your mind before you do anything else. Make sure that everything that is seen in the photo fits into the image that you would like to create. If it is to be a sexy photo, you may want to dress your model in sexy lingerie. If it is a romantic photo, you may only want candles and wine to be seen. In this photo, hottie, the focus is on the dreamy smoke that rises from the end of the ultra-long cigarette holder. Notice how the smoke appears to leave the picture frame.  Some photographers would have composed the photo differently and perhaps better. But composition is one of the most important aspects of taking a photo of a sexy glamour model. Think before you shoot.


Lighting: Do you have a flash on your camera? Shut it off. Flash lighting kills a glamour shot. The lighting from a flash is harsh and leaves hard shadows on the face and body of the glamour model. If you rely on the normal incandescent or florescent lighting in your house or apartment, you will probably find your glamour model has a strange blue or greenish tint. Unless you like your model blue or you have professional photography lighting, take your photos during the daytime. Open the windows and use natural sunlight. Do not position your model directly next to the window; otherwise, there will be harsh shadows on one side of her body, or under her eyes, and probably a lot of attention from the neighbors. Watch out for harsh shadows, they can either add drama to a shot or completely ruin it. To minimize shadows many photographers use a reflector on the opposite side of the light source. A reflector might either be a white card, a shiny metallic surface or even a mirror. The purpose of the reflector is to add lighting to the glamour model, to fill in the shadows on the opposite side from the light source. Move the reflector around to see the optimum impact on the shadows.


Background / Environment: The biggest mistake that most photographer is that they start taking photos of a sexy glamour model and forget about the mess in the background. There should be nothing in the shot by accident. If you see a pack of cigarettes in the shot, they should have a purpose and should not just be there because you left them there. Most of my shots are taken against a black or a white background in order to minimize the distraction from the background and focus on the model. But it can also be interesting to take a photo of a model in an interesting environment, such as this photo elegant lady, which was taken in field of tall grass. The general rule for taking a great shot of a sexy glamour model is to keep the environment as simple and uncluttered as possible.


Relax the model: You can see immediately in a shot if the glamour model is relaxed or looks light a frightened rabbit. A frightened rabbit will never be a sexy glamour model. Most glamour models are naturally a bit nervous at the beginning of a photo shoot. Why? They do not know if they are going to look great or terrible. Plan a long enough shoot, you may require several hours for the glamour model to have a chance to relax. I use a digital camera and during the shoot, I frequently review the photos together with the model. I show her how to delete photos on the camera so that she is in control of which photos stay and which go. After a few reviews, she feels confident that the photos we are taking make her look great. I always tell her how great she looks in the photos and give her feedback about what is working and what is not work. I also listen to what she has to say and try to adapt what I can to please her. This collaborative approach builds the confidence of the glamour model and will help your sexy glamour model to be the best she can be.  


Look out for details: Have a close look at your model. Check her hair, her lingerie and everything else in the photo to make sure it is perfect. Straps and strings should not be twisted but should be straight and perfect. Stocking height should match on both legs and be perfectly aligned. Labels on the lingerie should be cut off; hair should not be tucked behind the ears, etc. Also, watch out for lines that might be left on her skin from tight fitting clothing. To avoid them, it is best to have her change into something loose fitting, such as a bathrobe, at least 30 minutes before the shooting begins. These seemingly minor details can ruin a photo and hours of hard work. Many people miss the details but see them only in the photo later on. 


Pose the model: Every model has a look that makes her special. The art of the photographer is to find that look. Watch your glamour model's expressions, the way she stands, the way she holds her body and her head. When you notice something unique and attractive, point it out to her. Most glamour models will look to the photographer for direction, to suggest how to stand, hold their arms or head, where to look. Be prepared with suggestions, without sounding like a drill sergeant. Try different poses and see what works best. Usually an exaggerated posture is more interesting than someone just standing strait up. An arrogant pose with attitude is better than a blank stare. A shy look away from the camera, or from the corner of the eyes can be sensual. Also, when the model looks up or to the side, it brings out the whites of the eyes and creates emphasis, as in this shot: hot girl.   Look at magazines for inspirations and ideas and don't be afraid to experiment with unusual poses or facial expressions. The right pose makes all the difference between an interesting photo and a dull and lifeless photo.


Frame the model: Think of the camera frame as a box.  Organize the model within the box so that her body is well distributed within. Many people will simply put the glamour models face in the center of the frame and shoot.  Instead try shooting the model off center so that her head is in one side and her body extends to the opposite side as in the photo dream girl. You may hear about the rule of thirds, which will not be discussed in detail. But this suggests that the subject of a photo should always be off center.


Focus on Eyes: What is the first thing you notice when you see a sexy glamour model? Ok, maybe the second thing; The eyes of the model, of course! Depending on several factors which won't be discussed here, it is possible that the camera will focus only on one part of the glamour model's body and other parts will appear out of focus. This is known as depth of field. In general, it is best if the eyes are sharp and in focus and other parts of the body are out of focus. Many cameras today have the feature that you can aim, and half press the shoot button, hold it there and reposition for the shot. If your camera functions like this, always focus on the glamour model's eyes. Make sure that they are crisp and clear.


Minimize Blur:  It is very difficult to get a sharp image while holding a camera, without using a flash. As discussed above, a flash is a no no when shooting a glamour model. So what do you do? Rest the camera on something (a tripod is best, but lacking that a chair or table will do) and shoot with the timer on. Why the timer? Even pressing the camera button can cause the camera to shake slightly and cause the image to blur. Many glamour models hate using a timer, because it means they must hold their pose a very long time. But it is the best way to assure a sharp image, unless you have remote control.


Digital Processing: Now you have taken a few photos and it is time to finish them off. Today, photo possessing softwear such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro can improve your glamour model photo. It can take years to master all of the details of these functions. But three simple steps to a better photo are: Crop, contrast / bright, sharpen. Tutorials explaining how to do these steps are available everywhere. It is simple to learn and will take no more than a few minutes for a photo. But these three steps will make many dull and drab photos come to life.


Review and improve: You are probably not going to get the best shots the first time. Taking great photos of a sexy glamour model takes experience. After your first shoot, review your work and see what you like about it and what you don't. If your glamour model is willing (always get permission before posting a sexy photo on the internet), there are web communities where you can discuss the photos and get input from other photographers about what worked and what didn't. Some of the comments may be harsh, judgmental and critical. But some will be helpful and encouraging and if you keep an open mind you will slowly learn how to take quality sexy glamour model photography.


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